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Amazon FBA inventory management by TradeGecko for US entrepreneurs

Amazon FBA inventory management

Managing fulfillments is a priority for any growing business.
TradeGecko syncs seamlessly with Amazon FBA so stock levels are accurate across all your warehouse locations

TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Platform Ordering

Ship orders to and from FBA locations

Have sales orders automatically fulfilled from an FBA location of your choice. Likewise, have purchase orders shipped to an FBA location without manual effort.

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Easily transfer stock to FBA locations

Make hassle free stock transfers into your FBA warehouse. You can easily add the cost of shipping transfers to ensure transactional accuracy.

TradeGecko Payments

Control stock distribution between FBA warehouses

Use TradeGecko to decide if an inbound shipment should be split between multiple FBA locations or remain in a single FBA location as a case-packed quantity.

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Frequently asked questions about Amazon FBA and TradeGecko

How do I fulfill sales orders using FBA?

You can fulfill orders from any sales channel using FBA. Select your FBA Warehouse as your "Ship from" location...

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Can I make stock transfers when using FBA?

Yes, you can transfer stock to any Amazon FBA warehouse. First select your source and then choose your FBA location...

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How does FBA work with purchase orders?

Simply create the purchase order as you normally would and then select the 'Ship to' address as your FBA warehouse...

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How do I integrate FBA with TradeGecko?

To add Amazon FBA as an existing user of TradeGecko’s Amazon integration, first go to the TradeGecko App Store...

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