TradeGecko Inventory Management integrated with Infocon Systems

Infocon works with TradeGecko to automate your business’ flow of data, reducing manual work and errors.

EDI for inventory

EDI for inventory

Synchronize numerous document types between TradeGecko and all of your business systems, so you can have a real-time visibility into your back-end operations.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Integrate any X12 transactions, purchase orders, sales invoices, ASNs, and get custom solutions based on your specific needs.

Infrastructure and security

Infrastructure and security

Enjoy EDI & software solutions that are hosted on a world-class infrastructure - with 99.9% uptime & high-availability. All of the data is encrypted through SSL & the AS2 protocol.

How TradeGecko and Infocon EDI integration works


Infocon EDI to Custom Database

  • 850 Purchase Order
  • CSV

Custom Database to TradeGecko

  • Invoice Data

Custom Database to Infocon EDI

  • Shipping File
  • CSV

TradeGecko to Infocon EDI

  • Invoice File

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