Manage Production Planning and Manufacturing Floor-Level Control with Katana MRP

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QuickBooks Commerce's integration with Katana MRP enables manufacturers and workshop owners to gain control of their total inventory, orders, workshop floor and supply chain ecosystem as they move from production through to fulfillment.


Manage Complex Production Processes

QuickBooks Commerce’s integration with Katana MRP lets manufacturers manage their entire multi-stage production process, workshop task assignments and master production schedule. The two systems sync seamlessly - Katana manages production and QuickBooks Commerce manages the rest, from order through to fulfillment.


Report Stock Movements

Never lose sight of your stock again. When the manufacturing process is completed in Katana, finished goods are automatically updated in QuickBooks Commerce and marked as available inventory. Stock levels will be updated to all sales channels and you accounting platform of choice.


Sell Anywhere

Whether you sell on Shopify, Amazon, Etsy or other channels, QuickBooks Commerce and Katana provide visibility into your entire manufacturing supply chain. Connect with our top fulfillment and 3PL providers to easily ship products out of the door.

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