ShipStation inventory management by QuickBooks Commerce

Boost efficiency of your order fulfillment process and monitor stock levels through a seamless cloud-to-cloud solution

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About ShipStation basic inventory management 

ShipStation's native Inventory Management is designed around four main features:

  • Track and manage stock levels. You can manage stock levels from the section Inventory, on the Products page. 
  • Monitor stock levels. You can have ShipStation notify you if your stock levels hit the threshold. 
  • Apply Available Stock Based on Priority. By using the feature Allocation, reserving stock for each order. 
  • Prevent ‘Out-of-Stock’ Orders from Shipping. ShipStation will warn or block users from shipping an order if it hasn’t been allocated yet

QuickBooks Commerce powers up ShipStation inventory management, improving your business capabilities: 

Automated fulfillment

Growing your business with spreadsheets or outdated systems will get messy at some point. QuickBooks Commerce takes care of inventory levels and fulfillment, making your ShipStation inventory management easy. 

Real time updates

Get real time status updates on shipping and fulfillment on all QuickBooks Commerce orders. No delays, because we value your time and customer experience.

Streamlined operations

No one likes grunt work. With ShipStation handling shipping & fulfillment and QuickBooks Commerce handling inventory, you’ll never have to worry about backend operations again.

How the QuickBooks Commerce and ShipStation integration works


ShipStation to QuickBooks Commerce

  • Creating a fulfilment on ShipStation updates the order on QuickBooks Commerce as packed and fulfilled too
  • Shipping an order on ShipStation creates a shipment with matching details (e.g. tracking numbers) on QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce to ShipStation

  • Sales orders from sales channels would first be pushed to QuickBooks Commerce, then once finalised, to ShipStation
  • Bin locations

QuickBooks Commerce to Sales Channels

Any update from ShipStation would first be pushed to QuickBooks Commerce, then to sales channels:

  • Fulfillments (Shopify, WooCommerce)
  • Tracking numbers (Shopify only)

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