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Shopify inventory management

Shopify inventory management by TradeGecko for US entrepreneurs

TradeGecko automates and speeds up backend operations on Shopify, optimizing sales velocity when you need it most

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About Shopify basic inventory management 

Shopify's native Inventory Management is designed around these features:

  • Tracking and adjusting inventory. You can view and adjust inventory levels. You can also view a product's inventory history. 
  • Exporting or importing inventory. You can export or import inventory with a CSV file. 
  • Hiding out-of-stock products. You can do this manually on the Collections page of your Shopify admin, or use an inventory management app like TradeGecko to do it for you. 
  • Transfers from suppliers. You can use transfers to record, track, and receive incoming purchase orders and inventory from suppliers.
  • Transfers between locations. You can use transfers to shift inventory between different locations. 

TradeGecko powers up Shopify stores, improving your business inventory management capabilities: 

Match inventory

Match inventory

Choose which products and variants to publish in your Shopify store. All their descriptions and images will be automatically synced from TradeGecko's stock control software to Shopify.

Manage sales orders

Manage sales orders

A customer enters your online store and places an order - TradeGecko captures this Sales Order immediately and takes you through the order fulfillment process.

Sync stock levels

Sync stock levels

When you sell an item on Shopify or other channels including B2B, stock levels in TradeGecko are automatically updated preventing stockouts.

Perfect for multi channel sales

Perfect for multi channel sales

TradeGecko automates backend operations on Shopify, and combines all your sales channels, locations and currencies.

B2C eCommerce experience for wholesale buyers

B2C eCommerce experience for wholesale buyers

Give your wholesale customers a great buying experience with a fully customisable, private B2B eCommerce Platform.

Powerful eCommerce integrations

Powerful eCommerce integrations

Easily expand your Shopify store across other popular channels like Amazon and Ebay and manage orders from one platform.

How the TradeGecko and Shopify integration works


Shopify pushes to TradeGecko

  • Shopify orders are created in TradeGecko as Finalized Sales Orders
  • All new customers created on Shopify are imported as Relationships

TradeGecko pushes to Shopify

  • Any stock level adjustments are done in TradeGecko and synced to Shopify
  • Fulfilment and shipping details are pushed to Shopify

2–way sync

  • Creating and updating products and variants are synced as soon as you save
  • Fulfilling orders are synced both ways

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How TradeGecko powers up Shopify


Advanced inventory and order management

When an order comes into your Shopify account, TradeGecko will:

  • automatically create a sales order and invoice
  • take you through the order fulfillment process making sure the products are shipped and paid, and
  • ensure that stock levels are automatically adjusted

TradeGecko can also alert you when you reach your reorder point, show you profit reports and much more.


Automatic sync on multiple channels

TradeGecko enables you to run all your business from a central platform, connecting and automatically synchronizing all your wholesale, eCommerce and marketplace channels to inventory control, accounting and order fulfillment.

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