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QuickBooks Commerce’s Shopify POS add-on lets you make informed decisions when managing your inventory on the go

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Some of the many features our Shopify POS users love


Match SKUs

Every update on QuickBooks Commerce of your SKUs, products and variants is reflected on your Shopify store and other sales channels your business uses. These include both descriptions and images.


Manage Sales Orders

Your customer enters your online store - she places an order and QuickBooks Commerce captures this Sales Order automatically. QuickBooks Commerce is your go-to platform to handle all sales orders - even if you are selling outside of Shopify.


Sync Stock Levels

When you sell an item on Shopify, stock levels in QuickBooks Commerce are automatically updated. When you sell on other eCommerce channels including B2B, stock levels in Shopify will be automatically updated to prevent stockouts. It works both ways. As simple as possible.

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Advanced inventory and order management

Advanced inventory and order management

If you capture a payment for a sale with your Shopify POS, QuickBooks Commerce automatically adjusts the stock levels - while keeping an eye out for reorder points.

Automate operations

Less hassle

Reduce the time you spend on operations by over 50% and eliminate human errors so you can focus on growing your business.

Built in app store

Built in

As long as you have a Shopify account and a QuickBooks Commerce account, you can integrate them for free and unlimited by using our Shopify POS Inventory Management Add-on from our Add-on Store.

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