Xero and TradeGecko Inventory Management sets you up for commerce success

TradeGecko synchronizes with Xero for seamless automated processes, including two-way payments

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Some of the many features our Xero users love:

Create sales invoices

Create sales invoices

When you create a sales order in QuickBooks Commerce, the invoice total is pushed to Xero as a sales invoice in the Sales account. You can approve the invoice and make payments on Xero.

Create purchase orders

Create purchase orders

Create a purchase order on QuickBooks Commerce and the order total is immediately pushed to Xero. You can then approve the bill and use Xero to make payments.

Reporting stock movement

Reporting stock movement

At the end of every day, QuickBooks Commerce collates all changes in your stock levels into a single bill on Xero. This includes shipments, received purchase orders and stock adjustments.


Xero pushes to TradeGecko

  • Payments that are attached to an order on Xero, TradeGecko will mark the invoice as paid automatically

TradeGecko pushes to Xero

  • Stock transactions (Stock on Hand, Cost of Goods Sold, Stock Purchases)
  • Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices, Payments and relevant contact information
  • When an order is returned, TradeGecko pushes a credit note to Xero

2-way sync

  • Authorised Payment
  • Deleted Payment

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Pairing TradeGecko and Xero to run my small business has been one of the best decisions I've made. The service and support so far has been exceptional.

Lacie Leatherman
Heartland Heritage

The best thing is being able to have all my financials flow directly into Xero. It is just amazing.

Richard Borek
Lite Cycle

TradeGecko and Xero have made our business run so smoothly and enable us to produce a great range of reports to monitor our progress.

Gabrielle Hindmarch

TradeGecko inventory and order management

TradeGecko is powerful cloud based inventory and order management software for modern online businesses. We combine all your sales channels, locations and currencies so that every product, order and customer can be managed in one place.


Complete inventory management

TradeGecko gives you detailed up-to-date visibility and control over your inventory. Create purchase orders, backorders, stock takes and adjustments, plus easily track pack sizes, batches and expiry dates across multiple warehouses.


Order management across all channels

Keep one central source of truth on stock levels as you sell across all your online and offline channels. Manage invoices, shipments and payments in multiple locations and currencies.

Plus all the other great stuff to scale your business...

TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Platform

TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Store

Invite your wholesale customers to buy online with a customizable B2B platform.

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TradeGecko Mobile Sales App

TradeGecko Mobile

Create and manage orders with our inventory and sales app on iPad and iPhone.

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TradeGecko Payments

TradeGecko Payments

Send branded invoices with secure credit card payments built right in.

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