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TradeGecko Intelligence Reporting

Take the guesswork out of growth and minimize risk with data-driven decisions

Sales channel reports

Analyze the performance of all sales channels

Understand, dissect and optimize your omnichannel business with insightful reports for both retail and wholesale operations.

Sales reports

Identify opportunities for growth

Easily monitor performance and sales trends across customers and products, and make informed, data-driven decisions about procurement and stock allocation.

TradeGecko demand forecasting

Maximize revenue and minimize stockouts with Demand Forecasting

Our intelligent system helps you to work out how many units you’re likely to sell, and exactly when you should restock. Now you can avoid stock-outs and minimize costs from holding excess inventory.

Leverage customizable sales and inventory reports and identify growth opportunities on the horizon

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Seasonality reports

Plan for profitability

Choose data over intuition when deciding on new products. Track how seasonality impacts sales to understand demand and reduce inventory costs.

Commission reports

Calculate commissions with clarity

TradeGecko Intelligence takes the pain out of calculating commissions. Create reports based on invoice or payment date to calculate and understand sales revenue per team member.

TradeGecko Sales and Inventory Reports Mobile App

Intelligence, in your pocket

Sales and inventory reports are available wherever you are with your business dashboard on the TradeGecko Mobile app, accessible on iPhone and iPad.

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