TradeGecko Inventory Management

Inventory Management meets Demand Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of growth

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Maximize revenue & minimize stockouts

Enable your sales, marketing and purchasing managers to ensure that they have sufficient stock on hand to meet revenue targets and avoid stockouts.

Reduce deadstock & cut carrying costs

Optimize inventory performance. Reduce the volume of slow-moving or deadstock your business holds and minimize capital risk.

Stay notified with stockout alerts

Receive automated inventory alerts with recommended reorder quantities based on forecasted sales demand.

Data informed replenishments

Adopt a demand-driven approach to bring automation and confidence to your replenishment cycles.

Plans starting from only $39 per month

Change your plan based on your business needs.

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Avoid stock-outs and minimize costs from holding excess inventory 

TradeGecko Pro Omnichannel Selling

Forecast market demand

Predict future demand by product and warehouse location. Design sales and marketing strategies that optimize revenue opportunities while ensuring you have adequate stock on hand. TradeGecko’s demand forecasting capabilities will allow your team to make better, data-informed decisions to drive your business forward.

TradeGecko Pro Automation

Dissect historical sales data

Analyze historical sales trend reports by examining sales quantity over time and detect useful patterns to adjust sales and marketing strategies.

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Easy and efficient reordering

Optimize your replenishment process with confidence, Leverage demand forecasting to determine what stock needs to be ordered, at what time, and in which location, to meet anticipated sales demand and avoid going out of stock.

Anticipate fluctuating demand and avoid stockouts

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