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Benefit of TradeGecko Inventory add-on for 3dcart:

Match inventory

Choose which products and variants to publish to your 3dcart store. All their descriptions and images will be automatically synced from TradeGecko to 3dcart.

Sync stock levels

When you sell an item on 3dcart or other channels including B2B, stock levels in TradeGecko are automatically updated preventing stockouts.

Manage sales orders

Every sales order gets captured in your TradeGecko account immediately, allowing you to manage all the operations with ease. We also support multi-sales channels.

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How TradeGecko works with 3dcart

TradeGecko Inventory Management

Advanced inventory and order management

If an order comes into your 3dcart account, TradeGecko will automatically create a sales order and invoice, take you through the order fulfillment process making sure the products are shipped and paid, and that stock levels are automatically adjusted. You can run customised reports on everything from knowing your which of your stock needs replenishing to understanding your month on month profits margins.

TradeGecko Integrations

Automatic sync on multiple channels

If you are selling on multiple channels TradeGecko enables you to run all your businesses from a central platform, connecting and automatically synchronizing all your wholesale, eCommerce and marketplace channels to inventory control, accounting and order fulfillment.

TradeGecko Integrations
TradeGecko Mobile

Streamline your operations

TradeGecko will reduce the time you spend on your operations by minimum 62% and will help you eliminate human errors. Free yourself from all operational hassle and get more time to focus on growing your business.

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