TradeGecko inventory and order management

TradeGecko is powerful cloud based inventory and order management software for modern online businesses. We combine all your sales channels, locations and currencies so that every product, order and customer can be managed in one place.

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TradeGecko inventory management

Complete inventory management

TradeGecko gives you detailed up-to-date visibility and control over your inventory. Create purchase orders, backorders, stock takes and adjustments, plus easily track pack sizes, batches and expiry dates across multiple warehouses.

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 TradeGecko order management

Order management across all channels

Keep one central source of truth on stock levels as you sell across all your online and offline channels. Manage invoices, shipments and payments in multiple locations and currencies.

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Innova Distribution

The real-time information helps capitalize on every sales opportunity, so we know right away where to get stock instead of wasting time on manual checks.

Shirley Lee, Innova Distribution

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Inventory and sales reports

Reports and insights

Create and save custom inventory and sales reports to track business performance and plan for growth. Our detailed customer insights help you build on your strongest relationships with customers, suppliers, and distributors. Plus demand forecasting helps you work out how many products you're likely to sell, and when you should restock.

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Noodoll Shop

TradeGecko has improved our workflow significantly, it helps us run our day to day business smoothly and efficiently.

Yiying Wang, Noodoll Shop

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TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Store

Start selling wholesale from an online store with our B2B eCommerce platform.

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TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Store
Invite customers to buy in bulk from an online store

Invite wholesale customers to buy in bulk online

Create unique prices and discounts for each customer

Create unique prices and discounts for each customer

Customize the design and use your own URL

Customize the design and use your own URL

Secure and private with unique logins for each user

Secure and private with unique logins for each user

Online B2B eCommerce Platform

The best way to sell wholesale online

Invite your customers to order online from a shop front that you create for each buyer. One-click reorders and a searchable catalog makes wholesale much easier than selling over phone or email.

Pali Hawaii Sandals

The B2B Store has saved us countless hours in order processing – and now it’s even better with more control over brand aesthetic and presentation.

Ryan Meehan, Pali Hawaii Sandals

Customized to showcase your brand

Create a beautiful showcase for your products from the login screen all the way through to the checkout.

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tradegecko b2b
TradeGecko Mobile inventory and sales app iPhone iPad

TradeGecko Mobile

Our inventory and sales app on iPhone and iPad allows you to showcase your product catalog, easily create and manage new orders, monitor inventory and contact customers and suppliers from anywhere.

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 TradeGecko Mobile sales app

A smart sales app

Easily add new customers or browse your existing buyers and their order histories. We also show you important sales data and action items.

Rohr Remedy

We travel to a lot of trade shows so we needed something that was very flexible and could talk to our different locations, so we can take orders on the spot.

Emily Rohr, Rohr Remedy
 TradeGecko Payments

TradeGecko Payments

Optimize your invoicing workflow with secure credit card payments built right into your wholesale invoices. We help you stay in control of your cash flow and get paid much faster.

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 TradeGecko credit card payments

Setting up payments

Add a 'pay now' button to branded invoices so your customers can pay online with one click. On the payments dashboard you can monitor account balance, payments, and payouts history.


We are receiving payments so much faster since TradeGecko Payments was enabled and our customers LOVE it!

Carolina Vieira, Incausa

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Is TradeGecko suitable if I'm a wholesaler or distributor?

Wholesalers and distributors are who we serve best. With features like multi-warehouse, price lists or our B2B e-Commerce Store...

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Is TradeGecko suitable if I'm an eCommerce business?

Definitely, TradeGecko shows you which products are your best sellers and lets you connect multiple sales channels...

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Is an online inventory system better than spreadsheets?

Yes, spreadsheets form bad inventory management habits because they allow you to change data without any paper trails...

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Which industries is TradeGecko best for?

We support businesses with finished goods that aren't unique. Our most happy customers come from the following industries...

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