Batch tracking software features: Product Traceability

1. Create or edit batch tracked products

Improve product traceability by assigning batches to products and keep track of their journey throughout purchase orders, stock adjustments and sales orders.

SBatch tracking system: Upload functionality

2. Bulk assign batch tracking to your inventory

Save time by updating and importing product information in bulk via CSV.

Batch tracking features: incoming products

3. Receive purchase orders for batch tracked inventory

Track your incoming products by when they’re received or by their expiry dates to reduce spoilage and having to discount short-dated stock.

Stock adjustments with batch tracked inventory

4. Stock adjustments with batch tracked inventory

Stay in control of inventory fluctuations by using stock adjustments to remove defective or damaged batches from your inventory.

Stock transfers with batch tracked inventory: Screenshot of the platform

5. Stock transfers with batch tracked inventory

Keep inventory levels healthy by transferring batch tracked products across multiple warehouse locations.

Sell batch tracked inventory using sales orders: Screenshot of the platform

6. Sell batch tracked inventory using sales orders

Sell with confidence knowing that you have the right stock going to the right customer using a FIFO (first in first out) fulfillment logic. You can also reserve specific batches or lots for your preferred customers.

Stocktake Tool: Count your batch tracked inventory

7. Count your batch tracked inventory with the Stocktake Tool

Maintain accurate inventory levels simply by scanning the barcode of the products you’re tracking.

Displays your batch expiration: Screenshot of the platform

8. Know what batches are expiring soon

Keep track of what stock is expiring soon to communicate and empower your sales team to sell off soon expiring stock.

Manage your product recall process: Screenshot of the platform

9. Manage your product recall process

See which sales orders, purchase orders, stock adjustments, stock transfer, shipments, and returns specific batches are linked to, so you can reach out to affected customers.

Customer’s traceability requirements: Screenshot of the report

10. Keep up to date with your customer’s traceability requirements

Sell to larger customers with stricter traceability requirements by providing all the information requested while maintaining a consistent and trustworthy brand across all your touchpoints.

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