TradeGecko for Manufacturing was designed to help businesses with simple manufacturing workflows automate and integrate their commerce and supply chain ecosystems, from production through to fulfillment.

Manufacturing Features

1. Bills of Materials

Create and manage single-stage Bills of Materials and account for a finished good’s complete list of component parts, including additional costs like labor, shipping, etc.

2. Production Orders

Account for each Bill of Materials’ start state and end state as a finished good by creating and completing Production Orders.

3. Insufficient Stock Alerts

If you have insufficient stock to complete a Production Order, TradeGecko will notify you so that you can adjust the Production Order volume and order additional components.

4. Batch Tracking

If your Bill of Materials’ components are batch tracked, TradeGecko will allow you to select from which batch you’ll supply your Production Order. Once finalized, you can assign a batch to your completed manufactured variants.

5. Production Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile production run efficiency with accounting applications, tracking wastage and recommitting unused stock back to inventory.

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