Order Management

Increase your business efficiency of handling orders with our order management software that makes it easy to track and fulfill orders.

Order Management Features

1. Synchronize your orders with your inventory

Now you can bid goodbye to time-consuming order creations and tracking processes, disjointed data, and double handling errors with TradeGecko.

2. Sales order workflow - from order creation to fulfillment:

  1. Draft - Send & edit sales quotes
  2. Active - Mark committed stock & receive payments
  3. Finalized - Email invoice, mark orders as paid/unpaid, fulfilled/part fulfilled
  4. Fulfilled - Mark that all goods have been shipped, mark the order as paid/unpaid

3. Pull all your sales channels together

Bring sales orders from all your sales channels into one central system. Create sales orders from wholesale requests, or automatically add them via your online sales channels.

4. Access sales reports in real time

Stay up-to-date with your sales as they happen. Get real time sales data with TradeGecko’s sales reports.

5. Create sales orders at trade shows and sales meetings

Capture sales orders on-the-go with our iOS mobile app. The orders are synced with your inventory management software and order management software in all locations, so that goods can be prepared for immediate shipping.

6. Partially fulfill your orders

Cut the hassle out of part fulfillment. It’s easy to part fulfill an order with TradeGecko’s unique fulfillment options.