Inventory management reports

Improve inventory management by accessing inventory reports for accurate real time insights into stock movement. Start tracking your cost of goods sold, avoid overselling and underselling, and even create custom reports.

Inventory Report Features

Inventory Report: Customize report with dimensions

1. Customize report with dimensions

Now you will be able to easily identify products through the following dimensions:

  1. Location
  2. Variant
  3. Supplier
  4. Product

Inventory Report: Inventory Stock on Hand Report

2. Inventory Stock on Hand Report

Get a detailed overview of your inventory with a list of all the products and variants that you have in stock, as well as a list of items that are out of stock.

Inventory Report: Inventory Detail Report

3. Inventory Detail Report

See the current stock levels you have on hand, the amount of stock committed to sales orders, and the stock that’s available.

Inventory Report: Inventory Location Report

4. Inventory Location Report

Compare the stock you have in different storage locations.

Inventory Report: Stock Reorder Report

5. Stock Reorder Report

Manage your stock and backorders with the reorder report. See all variants that have fallen below the reorder point and variants with negative stock.

Inventory Report: Incoming Stock Report

6. Incoming Stock Report

Get an overview of what you’ll receive from your current purchase orders. Filter these by supplier, variant, date range, and location.

Inventory Report: Historic Inventory Report

7. Historic Inventory Report

Export your stock levels and moving average cost for each variant at any point in history.

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