Multichannel Inventory Management

TradeGecko offers a central hub to manage inventory and orders for all your sales channels effortlessly. Now you can sell on:

  1. Marketplace
  2. If you're selling on platforms like Amazon
  3. B2C eCommerce
  4. Online shops built with Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento
  5. B2B eCommerce
  6. An online platform powered by TradeGecko for wholesalers
  7. Mobile
  8. Our iOS app enables you to manage your products, customers and orders on the go

Multichannel Sales Features

1. Sell internationally with multiple currencies

Sell online in any country and in any currency. TradeGecko’s Multi Currency feature puts no limit on your operations. You can manage your inventory and accounting in your base currency and do business with your customers in different currencies.

2. Avoid Stockouts

All your sales channels will sync automatically with your inventory through TradeGecko. Once you sell an item on one channel, stock levels on all the other channels will be updated automatically. This ensures that your eCommerce stores never go out of stock.

3. Avoid blocking parts of your stock

Operating on a first come, first served basis - you no longer need to split inventory and block out stock levels for different sales channels because they are disconnected from each other.

4. Upload products to all eCommerce channels at one go

Update your products on TradeGecko and the information will be pushed automatically to all your eCommerce channels. Your online shops will always reflect the latest product details, available products, and the exact stock on hand for each item - all without you having to update each and every channel at a time.

5. Manage orders placed on different channels from one central order management software

No matter how many sales channels you have, all orders will come into TradeGecko where you can manage them efficiently with our workflow that offers you visibility on the fulfillment process.

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