Order Fulfillment

Automate and control your orders, integrate all the channels, locations and processes, execute each step needed in the workflow, and have visibility of the entire process. Tradegecko's order fulfillment software enables you to fulfill orders faster, in greater volume and at lower costs.

Order Fulfillment Features

order fulfillment actions

1. Order management

Order fulfillment actions TradeGecko helps you with:

  1. Order booking - collate orders from all sales channels into one centralized system
  2. Order sourcing - determine the optimal location from which to fulfill the order
  3. Order processing - pick and pack by using packing slips and labels, as well as barcode scanners

shipping and returns features

2. 3PL Shipments and Returns

  1. 3PL Shipments - send all your shipping specifications in bulk to 3PLs via our free 3PL exporter add-on or via our ShipStation integration
  2. Returns - carry out stock adjustments to your inventory

Shipping documents features

3. Professional shipping documents

Save time with automated shipping documents. You can easily create packing slips and shipping labels directly from your sales orders, and print them to attach them to your delivery packages.

packing slips

4. Packing Slips

A packing slip is a shipping document that accompanies each package, which includes a detailed list of the packages contents. This makes it easy for you to pick, pack and ship your orders at record speed – by knowing exactly what to pick and pack for every package.

Shipping labels

5. Shipping labels

No more worrying about your team’s handwriting – with TradeGecko’s integrated fulfillment shipping tools you can quickly batch print your shipping labels… your transport carrier will love you for this!

partial order fulfillment

6. Partial fulfillment

A sales order can be fulfilled in multiple parts if needed be, and you will have all the records of it to make sure nothing is lost in transition.

export bulk shipping to 3pls

7. Export bulk shipping specifications to 3PLs

Use TradeGecko's free 3PL exporter add-on to enable this - if you ship with 3PLs such as Tiger, you can send them your orders specifications in bulk by using their requested template in just one click from TradeGecko.

automated shipments

8. Automated shipments through ShipStation

Use TradeGecko’s integration with ShipStation to automatically ship your orders via FedEx, DHL, UPS and more.

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