Shipping inventory management

Create custom shipping rates for different locations according to price and weight breaks, and apply those rates to orders coming from your B2B eCommerce store. You can also include shipping rates in all your TradeGecko sales orders.

Shipping Features

Price Lists: Add and change prices to your inventory

1. Create shipping zones

Create custom shipping zones for countries and regions you ship to.

Price Lists: Assign individual price lists to specific customers

2. Set price based rates

Specify shipping rates based on the value of your customer’s order. You can create different rates according to the minimum and maximum order price, and even offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount.

Price Lists: Set Price Breaks

3. Set weight based rates

Specify shipping rates in sales orders based on the total weight of the items in your customer’s order. You can create different rates based on minimum and maximum order weights.

Price Lists: Access custom price lists on TradeGecko Mobile

4. Integrate shipping with your B2B eCommerce Store

Display shipping rates on your B2B eCommerce Store. Your customers will see the names and shipping rates as shipping options in your sales orders and your B2B eCommerce Store checkout.

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