Wholesale Inventory Management

Here at TradeGecko we have an automated order management system that caters to wholesalers - and now you can increase your sales by gaining loyal wholesale customers through our B2B platform.

Wholesale Inventory Management Features

Wholesale Inventory Management Features: Create Sales Quotes

1. Create sales quotes

Easily create professional sales quotes for customers in just a few clicks.

Wholesale Inventory Management Features: Email Sales Quotes

2. Email sales quotes

Email sales quotes to customers directly from TradeGecko, effortlessly.

Wholesale Inventory Management Features: Preset your wholesale price

3. Preset your wholesale price

Define the wholesale price list and have it auto-populate your sales orders. Differentiate your retail prices from your wholesale prices when selling on multiple channels.

Wholesale Management Features: Set a special price list for each customer

4. Set a special price list for each customer

You can assign a dedicated price list for each customer, which will appear automatically in sales orders. If you’ve negotiated specific prices with your B2B customers, you only need to enter these special prices in TradeGecko once. The same prices will be used in all subsequent transactions unless you make any adjustments.

Wholesale Management Features: Set price breaks

5. Set price breaks

Showcase cheaper prices for bulk orders to encourage customers to buy in bigger volumes.

Wholesale Inventory Management Features: Sell using multiple currencies

6. Sell using multiple currencies

Sell in different currencies to customers across the globe, at exchange rates that are defined manually or from established financial systems, while keeping your inventory, accounting and reports in your base currency. You can also state your price lists in different currencies.

Wholsale Feature: Define payment terms

7. Define payment terms

Define the amount of time you allow each buyer to pay for goods. These payment terms will determine the due date of the invoices.

Wholesale Inventory Management Features: Create sales orders

8. Create sales orders

Create sales orders for your business customers and follow the fulfillment workflow to make sure they are processed and fulfilled on time.

Wholesale Feature: Provide self-service to existing customers

9. Provide self-service to existing customers

Your customers can place orders themselves with their dedicated price list on the free private B2B eCommerce platform. Simply invite your business customers to view and order products online.

Wholesale Inventory Management: Equip sales reps with a beautiful mobile app and product catalog

10. Equip sales reps with a beautiful mobile app and product catalog

Your sales reps can access up-to-date customer and inventory data wherever they are. They can place orders at sales meetings and trade shows through TradeGecko's mobile app. These orders are automatically synced with your TradeGecko account.

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