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TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Platform
Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Create and manage your BOMs and account for a finished good’s complete list of component parts as well as line items for labor, overhead, and other costs.

Production Orders

Production Orders

Account for POs from start state to end state as a finished good and assign workers, locations, complete times, etc.

Integration with MRP

Integration with MRP

Integrate with MRP partners to manage production task assignments and master production schedules and multi-stage production.

Production Reconciliation

Production Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile production run efficiency with accounting applications, tracking wastage and reconciling inventory levels.

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TradeGecko features manufacturing 2

Does your business assemble their own goods for sale?

TradeGecko gives you detailed, up-to-date visibility and control over your inventory:

  • Bills of materials
  • Purchase orders
  • Stock takes and adjustments

You can also use TradeGecko to track pack sizes, batches, and expiry dates across multiple warehouses and production locations.


I love this app, it really has helped manage my inventory from my website, whole stock AND retail store front. I spent lots of time searching for an app that could help me when we also manufacture our own jewelry and TradeGecko is definitely the way to go!

Jonesy Wood Designs



Does your business sell products to other businesses?

TradeGecko provides you with a powerful B2B eCommerce Store, allowing you to manage and sell your wholesale inventory with ease both online and offline.

Jiva Active

TradeGecko is especially useful for our wholesale business. The B2B eCommerce Store is super easy to use and gives our retailers access to create orders anytime.

Remi Aliseo, Jiva Active

Reports and insights

Track business performance and plan for growth using TradeGecko’s custom inventory and sales reports including Production and wastage & Production orders lead time.

Noodoll Shop

TradeGecko has improved our workflow significantly, it helps us run our day to day business smoothly and efficiently.

Yiying Wang, Noodoll Shop

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