Meet the team

24 Nationalities, 3 Offices, 1 Mission


Cameron Priest

Founder and CEO

Cameron is our CEO and Co-Founder. Don't bother sending him links to interesting articles on the net. He's already read them.

Cameron grew up on a kiwifruit orchard in New Zealand. When he wasn’t feeding calves, he was building cars. Claiming from the age of 9 that he’d one day be the CEO of his own enterprise, Cameron set up several small scale businesses before establishing TradeGecko; born out of a friend’s battle to efficiently manage their supply chain.

Even though TradeGecko has scaled super quickly, Cameron remains highly involved in nurturing and growing every part of the Gecko family. When he’s not trying his hand at new adventure/water sports, he can be seen wandering from team to team in the TradeGecko office sporting a pair of loafers and an impressive beard.

Bradley Priest

Founder and CTO

Bradley is our CTO and Co-Founder. When he's not writing immense walls of code he's writing immense walls of code.

Bradley was the kid that was always pulling things apart and (sometimes) putting them back together again. After studying psychology and medicine, and realizing neither floated his boat, Bradley found his calling in the world of technology.

Quite obviously a natural, starting TradeGecko was his chance to utilize all of his technical and creative skills, building market-leading software from the ground up. He now leads an ever growing team of talented developers and designers helping drive the shared mission of creating the effortless platform that the world transacts upon.


The QuickBooks Commerce team

Software Engineer
Abdulla Contractor
Digital & performance marketing manager
Alberto Rodriguez
Junior Accountant
Alene Breddemann
Director, Product Design
Alex Smee
Software Engineer
Ambarish Prakash
Digital Designer
Axelle Cheng
Support Team Lead
Carlito Marcelo
Chief Revenue Officer
Cat Williams-Treloar
Web Designer
Celena Jasmin
Team Lead, APAC Sales
Chachi Apolinario
Outbound Sales Development Representative
Drew Richardson
Senior Software Engineer
Ejay Canaria
Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
Elaine Lim
Software Engineer
Ezra Lim
Customer Support Analyst
Fintan Maher
Software Architect
Gherry Harahap
Senior Software Engineer
Jason Hee
Senior Designer
Joyce Lee
Software Engineer
Kai Lin Tan
Senior Customer Support Advocate
Karen Becillote Yap
Account Executive
Keith Crowther
Senior Designer
Kyle Francia
Onboarding Customer Success Manager
Lay Peng Ong
Knowledge & Content Manager
Lithya Kris
Customer Support Advocate
Mark Baldomir
Manager, Customer Success
Markus Stalder
Account Executive
Matt Hrabinski
Senior Designer
Melissa Hie
Software Engineering Manager
Mohammad Habbab
Software Engineer
Nishant Dania
Customer Support Advocate
Patricia Carrillo
Senior Software Engineer
Philip Deazeta
Account Manager
Richard Letch
VP, Product Development
Rohan Walsh
Customer Support Advocate
Rudolph Delmundo
Software Engineer
Ryan Chang
Account Executive
Sam Ibrahim
Front End Architect
Sebastien Stettler
Senior Software Engineer
Selva Ganesh
Accounting Assistant
Shaun Quek
Onboarding Customer Success Manager
Sheera Low
Chief of Staff
Shefali Thompson
Strategic Projects
Shekhar Raju
Account Manager
Shoghik Karapetyan
Software Engineer
Si Kai Ng
HR & Payroll Administrator
Stella Teh
Partner Marketing
Vanessa Nguyen
Account Manager
Vida Salazar
Software Engineer
Wei Yong Chia
Work with us

We’re always seeking driven talent keen to be part of the continued growth of a leading global platform.

QuickBooks Commerce is staffed by a multi-cultural team of over 90 across our offices in Singapore, Toronto and Manila. If you are keen to join our journey as we take an already rapidly-developing company into the international stratosphere, take a look at our jobs page and send us a message.

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