TradeGecko Connect

    Automate repetitive and time-consuming workflows with
    TradeGecko Connect

    Increase operational efficiency with supply chain automation

    Simplify and automate

    Take control of complex processes and optimize order management, shipping and logistics with supply chain automation.

    Flexible order routing

    Manage a global business easily. Create custom fulfillment workflows using powerful order routing functionality.

    Consolidated communications

    Keep on top of team and customer communications with automated order notifications.

    TradeGecko Connect order workflows

    Reduce manual work and focus on growing your business

    Funnel orders into pre-designed workflows based on order value, quantity, channel and more. Add tags, shipping costs, assign orders to team members and trigger emails. Order automation has never been this easy.

    TradeGecko Connect warehouse locations

    The ideal tool for businesses with multiple warehouses and expanding operations

    Fulfill orders globally using advanced order routing. Route orders to be fulfilled from warehouse locations that are closest to them. Assign orders to a fall back warehouse of your choice, if the warehouse closest to them is running low.

    TradeGecko Connect automated communications

    Instant and consistent communication with employees and customers

    Retain customer confidence with automated order confirmation emails and keep your team on top of orders through triggering emails, or Slack notifications.

    Discover how TradeGecko Connect can help your business

    Best-in-class features and capabilities with TradeGecko Connect

    Sales order management

    Create invoices, payments and fulfillments. Ship to and from multiple locations, assign default discounts, price breaks and more.

    Automated order confirmation

    Keep customers updated on their order status by triggering emails at each stage of the fulfillment process

    Overflow management

    Automatically route specific orders to an alternative stock location if your primary location does not have sufficient stock.

    Global geo-routing

    Route international orders to the nearest warehouse for fulfillment, based on advanced geo-routing logic and real-time stock level updates across locations.

    Team notifications

    Communicate efficiently between teams when an order is made. Automated notifications ensure orders go to relevant team members.

    Slack integration

    Don’t check your emails over the weekend? You’ll still be kept up-to-date on important deals through Slack notifications.

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