5 Trends in Wholesale Distribution 2018

2017 was an amazing year for wholesale, with Statista predicting the global B2B eCommerce market was worth "US$7.7 trillion and B2B business is now dwarfing that of the B2C business”.

2018 will bring a new set of challenges and market shifts, so wholesalers and distributors must find new and creative ways to stay on top of the curve.

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What is covered in the webinar?

  • Optimizing your customer experience through omnichannel sales
  • Growing an integrated commerce ecosystem
  • Expanding into global market places
  • Inventory and order management transparency
  • Automation tools to eliminate repetitive, manual work

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Speaker details

Shirley Lee

General Manager, Innova Distribution

Yi-Wei Ang

Director of Product, TradeGecko

Danya Williams

Senior Content Marketing Manager, TradeGecko

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