Getting the most out of your TradeGecko B2B eCommerce platform

TLDR of this Webinar

Maximize your B2B eCommerce potential.

B2B eCommerce is becoming key tenet of success for wholesalers as it means buyers can research and place orders whenever they want, giving them time to discover new products.
Learn how to get the most out of TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce Platform with our experts, Richard Letch and Varsha Sundar, who will be sharing tips and tricks as well as new product features.

Webinar Details

Duration: 35 mins. Available to watch now
Transcript: Read now

What you'll learn

  • Managing your catalogue
  • Branding your store
  • Zonal shipping
  • TradeGecko Payments
  • New Features and more

Here’s your hosts from TradeGecko


Richard Letch

Account Manager

A hospitality veteran, who thrives on delivering customer satisfaction, Richard brings over 13 years experience of customer service to his role as Team Leader for Account Management.

Varsha Sundar

Product Manager

A former customer success & sales manager, Varsha brings the voice of the customer into product management and strategy - building a platform to help entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.



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Transcript of the webinar:

Hi, thanks for joining us for this webinar.

My name is Richard, and I’m the account management team lead here at TradeGecko.

I’m joined today by my good friend Varsha who is Product Manager of our B2B eCommerce platform.

We are here to take you through a high level demo of the TradeGecko B2B platform. The demo will last around 20 mins, and we will be taking you through some tips and tricks to make sure you’re using the platform to the best of its ability.

At the end of this webinar we’ll be taking some questions - so please add any questions you have to Q&A icon at the bottom of your screen, and we’ll get to as many as we can at the end of the presentation.

If you want to have a more tailored and personal demo, just type “Contact me” with your email address in the Chat icon, and we’ll have your Account Manager reach out to you.


We built the TradeGecko B2B eCommerce platform because we know it’s what customers expect today. Customers want the ease and convenience of being able to place orders wherever and whenever they want.

With a secure login, your customers will be able to access your store, and see products and prices that you have customised for them.

You can set up shipping rates, so when they finalise their order, shipping fees are automatically added.

And, most importantly, we’ve created TradeGecko Payments, so you can paid straight away when your customers place their order.

So here is what we’ll cover today.

  • Managing your Catalogue
  • Setting up and branding your store
  • Request to Access
  • Zonal Shipping
  • TG Payments
  • Better Customer Insights

And then we'll go through some questions and answers at the end. Okay - so let’s dive right in and take a look at how you can apply some of these features to your account.


Managing your catalogue

Firstly let’s look at how to best manage your catalogue.

This is important because this is what your customers are going to see when they login to your store.

Creating Price lists allows you to set different prices for your products. For example, you may have your Buy Price (what it costs you to buy the item), the Wholesale Price (what you typically sell the item for to your wholesale customers), and the Retail Price List (what the item typically sells for in a store).

You can also have a specific price list for a set of customers, so that when they login to your store they will see these products at the prices you have set.

There’s a great way to do a Quick Update of your Prices. Select the products you want to update, then choose Quick Update Prices, and you can see here you can change the prices at in the variant level, or across all variants at a product level.

Something to note here is if you leave the price blank, this product won’t show in your B2B catalogue - a handy tip if you want your customers to have a restricted product catalogue for instance.

You can also manage your products and price lists in bulk by CSV.

Once you have set up your prices, you can assign a default price list to your customers.

By going to your relationships, you can update the default price list at an individual level.

Or, you can also do this in bulk via a CSV - as you can see here, we download a list of your contacts, then make any changes to the file before re-uploading.

If you don’t assign a price list to a customer, the prices they see will be the default price list you have set for your B2B store.


Setting up and branding your store

Now let’s look at some design features of your store.

You can add your logo, and your brand’s colour themes here.

You can also add a header - to let your customers know if they spend a certain amount they qualify for free shipping for instance.

And your customers may want to see your full product catalogue to reference, so they know what else you sell.

By using the banner link here, you can include a link back to your website.

Also, to help your customers sort through your products easier, you can use the Categories, Brands, and Tags here. You can manage your Categories as your Product Types in your Inventory. Your Brands and Tags are also managed at a Product level in your Inventory. Using these categories can make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. You might also consider using tags, for when you have a new Summer 2020 Collection, for instance.


Request to Access

Alright, so now let’s talk about ensuring your customers know how to find your wholesale store.

You may already have your website, where your customers can find out about what you sell. By including the Request to Access form in your website, you can generate new wholesale customer leads.

By copying the link here, you can then use this in your website as redirect link that will take your potential customers to this Request to Access Form. You’ll receive these requests in your email, and you can then grant these customers access to your store.

You can also invite customers to your store.

You can set up your custom email template in your settings here.

And you can even personalise your invitation by going to your B2B Customers here, clicking on Manage, and you can either resend the invite with a personalised message like this.

Or you can even copy a link here to send in a direct message.

You can also see whether your customers have access to your store and whether they have accepted your invitation.


Zonal Shipping

Zonal Shipping will ensure that all orders have the correct shipping rates included.

You can see here I’ve set up shipping for Australia and for Singapore. This means when a customer buys from your store from Australia or Singapore, the shipping rate that you’ve set will be automatically included in their order.

In this instance I am going to use Price Based Rates - for instance, my company here offers free shipping if you spend more than $150 - otherwise delivery fees will apply.

Now when your customers check out from you store, depending on where they are buying from, how much they spend, and whether they want express shipping options, the shipping cost will be automatically added to their order.


TG Payments

We created TG Payments specifically for our Wholesale customers who were struggling to consolidate payments from different sources. So now with TG Payments your customers can pay you directly on invoice using all major credit cards.

The set-up is pretty straight forward, you just need your bank account and business details, so dive right in and set up your account today, so you can start getting paid straight away! Do note, TG Payments is currently only available in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia however we are are looking to open up to additional countries so do reach out to your Account Manager at with any questions.


Better Customer Insights

If you know your customers' spending habits, you will know what levers could encourage them to buy more, and more often.

The Lapsed Customer Report in Intelligence tells you when your customers last ordered and those that have not bought recently should be at the top of your outreach list.

You can filter here their most recent orders, the value of their orders in total, and their average order, and you can then download this as a report for you to get in touch with your customers.

And, we’ve just released the Abandoned Carts feature.

With the abandoned carts feature, you can see what your customers have not followed through with purchasing. By clicking the link here, you can view any unfulfilled orders.

This is a great way to get in contact with those customers and finalise those sales.

This feature is available as part of Business plans and above, so talk to your Account Manager about adding this on to your account today, along with other advanced B2B features including being able to customise your domain, and featuring products in your B2B store.

We’ve also introduced the Recommended Retail Price to be displayed on your B2B store - this means your customers get a better insight into what they could possibly sell your products for in the market. It also helps them understand their profit margins better.

To toggle this option on or off, go to your B2B Settings > and select the option to Display Recommended Retail Price. - you can then select which price list you want to display in the drop down menu. Now when you login to your store, you can see the RRP displayed.

Now, let’s have a look at what your customers experience when they use your B2B store.


Now, let’s open up the forum for some questions with my friend Varsha here:

About recommended retail price.
As of now, the recommended retail price only supports one price list — one currency. But we will definitely be taking all of your feedback around multiple currencies.

Multiple fulfillment channels for shipping 

We have an automation tool called TradeGecko connect which you can find in your TradeGecko app store. What this will allow you to do is set up a few rule based automation rules.

For example:
If order is received from this shipping address please fulfil from this location. 

So there's a number of different tricks that you can do with TradeGecko connect that might automate a number of things.

If you have more questions about some very specific workflows for your business. So feel free to reach out to your account manager and they'll be able to chat about that a little bit more.


Questions: We are distributors and have many brands in our portfolio.
You could invite your customers individually to your B2B store. You could use price lists to select which parts of the product catalog you want them to be able to see. So when you set up your price list to some of the bulk actions that Richard shared, you could actually filter by brand. By leaving the particular brand skews blank for your client’s price list, it will not show up on the B2B store.


Feedback option on B2B store for your customers
You do have an ability to receive questions from your customers on the B2B panel and your B2B store. There's a submit contact information form.

Feedback option on B2B store for us 
You can do that in the B2B Dashboard, there's a little feedback form that you can fill out with an option to be contacted for a user interview.

The other option is to reach out to the TradeGecko success team.


When will the minimum order quantity per order be active as an alternative to minimum spend for customers?
This is great feedback and thanks for sharing will definitely note this down. We don't have an expected timeline on this, but as we continue to work on feature releases for the B2B store will definitely continue to do more sessions like this and share.


Can you have two prices and upfront purchase price drop ship price for one product? 
 The only way that you can share two prices on the B2B storefront will be your wholesale price and your RRP. So you could use that field as an additional price point.


Accessing the abandoned carts feature
The abandoned cart feature will be available on advanced B2B module.

This is something that's available on the business plan or as an add-on to your plan, you can check out the details on the TradeGecko Pricing Page and reach out to your account manager. Write to for more information.


TradeGecko payment gateway is built on top of stripe currently only supports credit card payments. You can also set up different payment terms on your B2B store and so your customers will be able to see if they have to pay 30 days, etc.


About Shipping 
We have two shipping options in the B2B that you can set up rules either on price based or weight based and it'll calculate based on that.


Stock held in multiple locations
At present, the B2B store only supports stock out from one location. But it's possible that you can automate some fulfillment for multiple locations with TradeGecko connect. Unfortunately, at this point, B2B customers cannot actually see stock presented in multiple locations.


What is the name of the shipping app?
There's a few options in terms of B2B, we have something called zonal shipping that's B2B specific and we also integrate with a number of different shipping platforms.

Those don't directly integrate with the B2B platform, but they do integrate with TradeGecko. So depending on where you are, you might find an option that's more specific to your region. Examples are shipstation or starship.


Wrap up

So, there’s some tips and tricks from us, to help you get the most out of your TradeGecko B2B store. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Until next time, thanks guys.