How to get paid 3x faster!

There are two common goals all businesses can agree upon: getting paid by their customers and getting paid quickly. One way to achieve these goals is to embrace the world of payment technology.

Want to learn how to optimize your payment workflow and get paid faster? We’ve developed a great new webinar with practical concepts on how to stay in control of your cash flow.

What is covered in the webinar?

  • What TradeGecko Payments is and why we built it
  • How Stripe powers TradeGecko Payments so merchants can get paid faster
  • How TradeGecko Payments has improved Skin Elegance International's payment process

Webinar details

Available to watch now.

Once you complete the registration form you will be directed to the webinar page, so you can watch it at a time which suits you best.

Speaker details

Tracey Lambert

CEO & owner, Skin Elegance International LLC

Dr Tracey is cosmetic physician from New Zealand, who moved to California in 2014, where she embarked on a new venture completely different to her previous profession, establishing Skin Elegance International, the US distributor for Synergie, Australian cosmeceutical skincare and mineral makeup. Tracey has used TradeGecko as her inventory management platform ever since.

Sophie Sakellariadis

Connect Growth Lead, Southeast Asia, Stripe

Sophie joins the team from Stripe’s U.S. headquarters, where she has been based for the past two years. Prior to Stripe, Sophie worked as a consultant in the non-profit space, working with organizations including the Gates Foundation.

Evgeny Lazarenko

Product Manager, TradeGecko

Evgeny leads the product team at TradeGecko, whose mission is to empower entrepreneurs to scale their businesses globally.

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