How to optimize sales & mitigate risks during peak sales periods

Peak sales periods will either make or break your business. How you prepare, manage and optimize your business operations will be the differentiating factor in your future success or failure.

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What is covered in the webinar?

  • Identifying the opportunities and risks involved with peak sales periods
  • Why you can't afford to wait to take control with these quick and easy solutions
  • How TradeGecko has helped Dirty Knees Soap Co. save time, prevent mistakes and accelerate their growth

Webinar details

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Speaker details

Heidi Danos

Owner of Dirty Knees Soap Co., LLC

As the owner of Dirty Knees Soap Co., a busy and fast-growing company, I've got my hands into everything; measuring, mixing, packaging, purchasing, inventory, shipping, marketing... you name it! In addition to getting product out the door on a daily basis, it's my job to make sure our customers have a fun, positive experience with us as well.

Jeffrey Atizado

Joint Managing Director at SMB Consultants

I'm passionate about helping business owners improve the efficiency and profitability of their businesses, through the integration of innovative Cloud technology. At SMB Consultants, we find the best software to manage your business and provide consultation, implementation, training and support services to complete the solution.

Tanaya Sharma

Regional Sales Manager at TradeGecko

Currently working as the Regional Sales Manager for APAC at TradeGecko, my focus is on building a customer obsessed, high performing sales team & growing TradeGecko’s new business in this role.

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