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TLDR of this Webinar

Understanding Sales Channels

There are many benefits of multichannel selling. Find out the most suitable sales channels to help your business scale and grow.

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Duration: 10 mins. Available to watch now
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What you'll learn

  • Benefits of Multichannel
  • Understand Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay with TradeGecko
  • Information about Fullfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Here’s your hosts from TradeGecko

Shoghik Karapetyan

Account Manager

A well versed, customer-obsessed Product Consultant/Account Executive, Shoghik spends most of her time working with clients to find the right solution and help businesses grow.




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Transcript of the webinar:

Welcome everyone, thank you for joining me for today’s webinar. My Name is Shoghik and I am an Account Manager at Tradegecko.

Today we will be talking about how you can sell more in more places with TradeGecko.

Today’s webinar will last around 20 mins, and we will be taking you through the most lucrative sales channels that Tradegecko integrates with focusing on their differences and benefits. At the end of this webinar we’ll be taking some questions - so please add any questions you have to the chat and we’ll go through them at the end of the session, and if we don’t get to them live, we’ll respond to you directly via email.

If you would like to discuss further personally, contact us at and we’ll have your Account Manager reach out to you.

In this webinar we are going to focus on the Sales channels which are natively built and integrated with Tradegecko (Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and soon to be released Ebay), you may have or look for other integration like Iconic, BigCommerce, Squarespace or more which can be integrated through a 3rd party solution. Do drop us an email if you have any questions about other sales channels.


Multichannel eCommerce

You’ve got some great products that you want to ensure reach as wide an audience as possible. Now you are looking into adding an eCommerce solution or find the best Marketplaces you can sell on.

The solution to this challenge is simple, to go multichannel.

Multichannel eCommerce might sound complex. But it comes down to a simple principle: the more places you make your product available to buy … the more sales you’ll make.

In order for your business to experience the benefits of selling on multiple channels, (1) you need to know which channels are the best fit for your company, and (2) you need to know how to get the most out of the channels you’ve committed to selling on.

The idea is simple: the more channels you sell on … the more you sell. In fact, every source we could find — and (more importantly) internal data from TradeGecko customers — proves that additional channels increase revenue, customers, and loyalty.

86% of online sellers who invested in a multichannel strategy said the benefits their organizations experienced clearly outweighed the initial challenges they faced.

74% of online sellers who made the multichannel move saw an increase in sales.

To break those numbers down further..

On average, eCommerce businesses that add one channel see their onsite cart increase by 38% in online revenues. Those that add two channels see these numbers jump by 120%. While those that add three or more experienced a massive 190% increase in revenue.

However, this isn’t to say that just being on more than one channel is enough to spur such growth for your business.

Unfortunately, 84% of marketers don’t truly believe their current efforts are enabling their businesses to experience the growth that others have seen in recent years.



Your first option, if you haven’t done so already, is to create your own eCommerce website to sell your products on.

First of all, having an eCommerce site of your own allows you to reach your audience directly. Whether you sell fashion products, health foods, or even large industrial equipment, you’ll be able to use your website to connect and engage with customers, sell to them, and own that ongoing relationship.

Another key benefit of creating your own site is you’ll have much more control over your online presence and appearance than you would selling on a third-party channel or a marketplace

Reasons to use:

Platform like Shopify provides a variety of beautiful, pre-built site templates, allowing you to easily tailor your site’s appearance to match your customers’ expectations. It’s easy to set up, you have your technical support from Shopify itself, you also get in-built marketing tools.

There are more than 800,000 stores powered by Shopify.

So it might not be surprising that:

  • Last year, Shopify processed over $1.5 billion in sales during Black Friday. This meant 10,978 orders per minute and peak sales volume per minute of $870,000.

  • Shopify is used in about 175 countries, mostly in Asia, North America and Europe.

TradeGecko synchronizes with Shopify in real-time, giving you the ability to manage all of your Shopify inventory, products, pricing, customer data, sales orders and fulfillment through TradeGecko.

We have built a very robust integration with two way sync for you to be able to have an easy set up and start your operations right away with a few preparation steps.

If you are already selling locally you may want to expand to overseas markets as well through Shopify, you can set up multiple Shopify channels and integrate all with TradeGecko, whether you have 1x Shopify channel or many you can add a sales channel on TradeGecko and go ahead with integration.

By adding a channel based on a specific location, you can test new markets with minimum risk. Let’s say you want to open up your eCommerce business internationally before you invest in infrastructure like warehouses or finding a local 3pl provider.

TradeGecko also integrates with Shopify’s POS system if you also have a store or are planning to open a pop up store. More than 70,000 retailers used Shopify POS in 2017 only.



With your own eCommerce site, you can also provide in-depth information to your customers about your products, and your brand as a whole.

If you’re more comfortable with Open Source systems or more customization WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website (used by over 30 percent of the websites on the internet) so with just a few clicks, your WordPress website turns into a fully-functional e-commerce website.

Certainly, it's no doubt that WooCommerce has been one of the most popular go-to platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs for a long time. If you already know about admin interface of WordPress, It would be easy to understand how WooCommerce back end works for you to manage your eCommerce website operations. Or either can hire expert WordPress developers to develop a website for you.

The reason customers choose WooCommerce is customisability, hundreds of plugins and scalability.

Due to its complex nature and customizability, we advise customers to manage product catalogs on WooCommerce itself while Tradegecko synchronizes with WooCommerce in real-time, giving you the ability to manage inventory stock levels, pricing, and sales orders through TradeGecko.



If you’re completely new to multichannel selling, Amazon may be the perfect starting point.

In fact, the marketplace side of Amazon generates almost two times as many sales Amazon itself does as a retailer—reaching $200B in 2019 alone. 

For businesses operating in almost any industry, this means one thing:

A massive, pre-existing, and highly-engaged audience for you to market and sell to.

Once you Create an account on Amazon Seller Central this will become the management interface for your professional retailer account. Registering means you can offer an unlimited number of products to users. Simply add your products and start trading.

You can have 3 Amazon channels/integration North America, Europe and Australia which will cover the following marketplaces

  • (United States) 
  • (Canada) 
  • (Mexico) 
  • (United Kingdom) 
  • (Germany) 
  • (Spain)
  • (France) 
  • (Italy) 
  • (Australia)

When you install a new Amazon channel, TG automatically detects SKU differences between the Amazon listing and pre-existing TradeGecko inventory.

When an order is placed, it automatically syncs with TradeGecko, updates your inventory, and lets you fulfill it either yourself or through one of Amazon’s services. 

‘SKU Alias is a feature that we have that helps you link different SKUs to one parent SKU so that your inventory is centralized in TradeGecko. as Amazon assigns a different ASIN/SKU to the same product’
'Stock levels only for Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) products2 way sync:
Prices for both Amazon Fulfilled Network (AFN) and Merchant-Fulfilled Network (MFN) products'

Fulfillment by Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is also an option available to sellers of either platform. In a nutshell, Fulfillment by Amazon is a paid service that allows you store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, where Amazon picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for all the products you send them.

While you do need an Amazon Seller account to use FBA, once you have an account you can also use FBA for multichannel fulfillment. That means you can use the service for products sold through other channels (such as your own eCommerce store) as well as your Amazon store.


eBay is still “where the world goes to shop.”

Unlike other marketplaces, eBay buyers love unique goods and special deals. For handmade products, luxury items, antiques, and collectibles — really, anything beyond the norm — you cannot find a better place to sell more.

Plus, eBay customers as a whole spend more time onsite than Amazon customers.

The more time they spend browsing through the marketplace, the more likely they are to come across your products. Once they click through to your product pages, they’ll become even more engaged—as long as you provide them with informative and engaging content surrounding each product you sell.

It’s important to note here that with 23 international sites and a wider presence in over 100 countries worldwide, eBay is a fantastic marketplace to sell on, particularly if you’re looking to expand your business overseas. As of mid-2019, there are 182 million eBay users worldwide. seller or buyer



It’s simple: The more places you sell … the more you’ll be able to sell. 

The data proves it. And the stories we hear day after day from countless founders building amazing businesses just like you prove it, too.

Multichannel eCommerce doesn’t have to be complex. and Tradegecko is here to help you manage your inventory from all the channels be it B2B, eCommerce site or a marketplace. Let TradeGecko be the single source of truth to manage your entire backend operation 

Thanks so much for joining us, and we wish you and your business all the very best during these times. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions.