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Tales from the Supply Chain Crypt

‘Tis the season when ghosts and ghouls begin to emerge from their year long slumber. They’ve been hiding in your supply chain - waiting for that perfect moment to strike and have others join their ranks.

In this webinar, we’ll tell the tales of businesses that were claimed by these apparitions. You’ll hear about overweight planes, costumed gamer Grinches, and even blocked ships, and learn how to avoid vanishing inventory, $100M boo-boo’s and supposed system upgrades that caused even the ghosts to shudder.

Join us as we learn from their mistakes and be better prepared to face them head on. Don’t forget your flashlight...


Webinar Details

Duration: 10 minutes. Available to watch now.

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Speaker Details

Andrew Bowden

Senior Manager of Product Marketing, TradeGecko

Anthropologist by training and data-driven marketer by day, he spent over 10 years in the advanced analytics space before moving into supply chain technology and ecommerce. A reluctant millennial, Andrew still remembers the pain and excitement that accompanied the sound of a dial-up modem.

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