hands using a smartphone, mobile commerce
Consumers are more comfortable than ever about making purchases on handheld devices. That’s great news for wholesalers and business to business (B2B) companies, as the mobile commerce trend has resulted in plenty of mobile commerce apps and software available today.

What is mobile commerce?

With the right mobile commerce technologies, your clients can use their cell phone, laptop or smart device to conduct transactions quickly and easily.

Mobile commerce is win-win for all parties involved, and can even help to improve your wholesale business. With so many big names in wholesale and distribution already mobile-ready, anyone in the B2B market shouldn't ignore mobile commerce in their overall strategies.

Mobile commerce trends

Whether you realize it or not, the mobile commerce market is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. Thanks to the many advantages and benefits of mobile commerce, it is set to hit a staggering $700 billion in revenue by 2017, according to Digi-Capital’s Mobile Internet Investment Review. That’s just one of the many reasons why more and more B2B organizations are giving consumers mobile-responsive websites.

Ultimately, with mobile commerce you can make it easier and more convenient for customers to do business with your wholesale brand and place orders even when they’re hard-pressed for time.

Get started on mobile commerce to reap the benefits

The popularity of mobile commerce is going to continue rising. Here are just some of the benefits of adopting this approach to get started:

  • Enable customers to make informed decisions

Customers like to shop online because they have access to detailed product information before they purchase. You wouldn’t buy something without doing your research first, so why would your customers? Wholesale buyers want instant access to merchandise data so they can make informed decisions about your products before making a purchase.

The right information also makes it easier for wholesale customers and encourages a purchase decision. Buyers can quickly scan through your goods while they're on the move, read what they need to know, and buy your products with confidence.


  • Ensure your online presence is mobile optimized

With more wholesale transactions occurring on smart and wireless devices than ever before, it’s clear that you need to offer your clients a user-friendly mobile experience. Wholesale buyers are much more likely to do business on the go when you optimize your site for mobile users. Use responsive technology, keep the design and layout simple, and ensure it’s compatible with multiple devices.

If you don’t optimize your online presence, you lose potential customers and sales. These days, nobody wants to browse a desktop website on their device, as mobile sites have specific designs for optimal download speed and user-experience (UX). With a better eCommerce mobile site your customers can browse more, wait less, and be more satisfied with the overall experience.  

  • Find an app to enable wholesaling on the go

Besides optimizing your website for mobile devices, you may want to look into mobile apps that you can use to sell on the road or at a trade show, to make it easier for your customers to buy from you. You won’t need to lug around stacks of catalogs and order forms, as you’ll be able to show them high-resolution photos of your products while taking orders on the spot.

Getting an app like TradeGecko Mobile lets you create and manage orders on the go, so that you can sell with confidence wherever you are. You won’t have to worry about errors resulting from manual data entry, while real-time inventory visibility helps ensure that you’re only selling products that are available. You’ll also be able to contact your business customers within the app through emails, texts, and calls.


As more consumers start using their mobile devices to shop online, wholesalers need to start thinking about how retailers are getting used to convenient B2C purchases on the go. For a wholesale business looking to branch out into mobile commerce, start by providing plenty of product information for your customers, optimizing your online site, and consider getting a mobile app to help you manage customer orders when you’re selling on the go.