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Set yourself up for success with TradeGecko’s Inventory Management software tailored for wholesalers.

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Invite your wholesale customers
to a store tailored to them


We make selling wholesale easy again

Each customer sees the products that you want them to, at the prices and discounts that you decide. A searchable up-to-date catalog makes it the easiest way to sell in bulk without the complications of taking orders over phone, email or text.


Customize to represent your brand

Choosing your brand colours and uploading a logo and background photo is all it takes to personalize our clean and stylish template. You can also use your own URL to make sure the storefront feels unique to your business.

Wholesale inventory management for your business with TradeGecko

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Rated 4.5/5 on Capterra (259 reviews) and 4.3/5 on GetApp (258 reviews)


4.5 out of 5 (259 reviews)


4.3 out of 5 (258 reviews)

Like a custom made order entry and inventory management system, without hassle and expense. Charlie Brand, Wholesale

I tested many different inventory companies before settling with Trade Gecko. TradeGecko was the best option.Andrew H, Sporting Goods

Intelligence report is extremely useful! Being able to access TG on any computer is a huge advantage.Jay C.

Outstanding Customer Service and the Most Versatile Supply Chain Management Solution I've Found.Sterling Bond, Wholesale, Retail & Manufacturing



How TradeGecko fits into your wholesale workflow


Control your wholesale inventory on a large scale

Unlike retailers, wholesalers would need to manage a huge amount of stock on a daily basis. Get visibility on your stock levels, movements and reports in real time with:


Simplify, automate and optimize your orders

Ensure data accuracy when you create sales and purchase orders and have them sync with your inventory levels automatically. You can also:


Create a unique buying experience for each of your customers

Maintain good relationships and increase your sales by tailoring different catalogues, promotions, prices and discounts for different customers.

Wholesale inventory management, made easy

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